Astrophotography with small telescopes

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Thank you for visiting my homepage. This page is dedicated to all astronomers with small telescopes. I try to show what's possible with a small telescope without using much image processing. Comments are welcome by Email. Send it to Email

15.12.2015 Book: Image Processing for Comets, 2. Edition new

10.04.2016 Project Comet Observers and Observers map

29.08.2016 NEO 2016 QA2

29.09.2016 Table of CCD's, cameras, manufacturers updated

10.10.2016 Image of M11 and dark nebula LDN 694

26.10.2016 NEO 2003 TL4, 15.2 mag.

30.10.2016 SN 2016gxp in NGC 51, 15.1 mag.

30.10.2016 NEO 2003 YT1, 11.7 mag.

08.01.2017 Light pollution on Jan. 01.01.2017

14.03.2017 Amateur comet discoverers updated

29.03.2017 45P, 41P and C/2015 V2 taken on March 25th and 27th.

10.04.2017 C/2017 E4 and C/2015 V2 taken on April 8th.

17.04.2017 Scorpius and Sagittarius taken on August 26th. 2016.

24.04.2017 NEO 2014JO25 taken on April 20th 2017.

Latest image - Object: C/2017 E4 Lovejoy

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