Solar Eclipse 2001

We stayed in Antelope Park near Gweru and travelled north to Mana Pools Nationalpark where the path of the total eclipse crossed. We arrived in the zone of the total eclipse 2001.

Landscape near Sambesi valley Shopping

Only some kilometers before the Sambesi valley the landscape changed and we arrived at the Sambesi Escarpment a deep but wide valley which the Sambesi digged into the rock.

Nowadays the Sambesi is located approx. 40 kilometer north from the Escarpment and it moves north even today.
In the background you can see the mountains of Zambia. In Mana Pools NP we got a big lodge lying directly at the Sambesi river.

Sambesi Escarpment
Sambesi shore
Lodge near the Sambesi Hippo's at the Sambesi
Zebras at Mana-Pools NP
Sunset in Mana Pools
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