USA 2017 - 21.08. Solar Eclipse

A view impressions from the "Great American Eclipse". I observed it with my family in Wyoming. Link to the German version

21.08.2017 Eclipse-Day,

We got up early at 5:30 and after breakfast and checkout we headed from Cheyenne to Torrington. I decided not to go to Glendo, WY due to the expected people. The traffic was already in Cheyenne at 6:45. After about 6 miles we left the I-25 and drove on Highway 85 to Torrington. The traffic was fine.

Torrington with the eclipse path.

After the arrival in Torrington we had to decide how to get to the central line of the eclipse (maximum totality). Not sure about the traffic on Highway 85, I took the road 159. The red marker was our place.

Our place with perfect conditions.

Even on this location we were not allown :-)

For experts:

We had 2 min. 24 seconds of totality. I made some images with a 135mm lens and special solar filter.

A view minutes before the totality I started the video (7 minutes 24 sec.). The setup of the camera was fixed, so no correction was made by the camera. A view images out of the video.

The first observers left the path of totality short after the totality ended. The image was taken on 11:55 local time. We took the road to the north to get to our hotel in Custer, South Dakota.

The US from above, one hour before totality. Perfect conditions at our place.

15 minutes to go. Its dark in Idaho at 17:30 UTC.