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Masuyuki IwamotoC/2020 A2 (Iwamoto)

This object was reported on 2020 Jan. 9 UT as a possible comet by M. Iwamoto (872) and it was placed on the PCCP.
It was discovered on two CCD frames taken on Jan. 8.86 UT with a 10-cm Pentax 400-mm-f.l. f/4.0 lens and a Canon EOS 6D camera.

On Jan. 13, G. Borisov (L51) reported this object as having a diffuse 40" coma. Additional reports of cometary features MPEC 2020-A132.

CBET no. 4714, issued on 2020, Jan. 13th. announced the discovery of a new comet. It's the 4th. comet discovery of Masuyuki Iwamoto and 3 within 18 months.

Mr. Masuyuki Iwamoto
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Edgar Wilson Award

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Image: LINEAR Program

Siding Spring: Robert McNaught (left) and Gordon Garradd (right) in front of the Uppsala dome and its office (right) in 2003.