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Hello comet observers,

since the creation of the comets mailing-list, all comet observers of the world have the possibility to talk about comets on their own list.
By reading the mails for some weeks you will notice that the observers are distributed over the hole world. Some observers send mails quite often, others only sometimes. But do you know where the observer is located ?

Mostly not, sometimes you have noticed the country.  Since I  use the visitor locator on my website I can see where the people visiting my website are located. While I'm interested in comets long before the internet came to everybodys computer, it was never that easy to talk with other comet observers.
Since I'm interested in knowing where the people I'm communicate with are living, I started collecting these data.

I have created a list of all these people. If your are interested in getting on the list please send my a short email with your data. If something is wrong, please let me know it.
You can also send me some comment about you, your observing, an image of yourself or anything else. It will be included on the list.
I will not publish any email address

Finally I hope that many comet observers will join this project. If you want to help, please email me

Here is the list, sorted by name or  sorted by country

The map "Comet Observers of the the world".

There is also a (old) static version for users with a slow internet connection.