Solar Eclipse 2001

After I saw a rainy eclipse in August 1999 I thought about travelling to the next total solar eclipse which occured on June 21st 2001. This eclipse happend over southern Africa during the dry season. Therefore I expected good weather prospects watching the eclipse. Fortunately the weather was really good and we could see the eclipse.

Sofi 2001

As you can see on the image the moon shadow touched the earth over the Atlantic Ocean, crossing Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and left the surface somewhere over the Indian Ocean.

Although strange things happend in Zimbabwe in 2000 I planned a trip to the solar eclipse watching it in Zimbabwe due to the better infrastructure and more interesting places. We started on June 13th from Frankfurt via Johannesburg to Victoria Falls / Zimbabwe.
Our trip should include the solar eclipse as well as seeing animals and landscape from Zimbabwe. Our first highlight was the fantastic waterfall from the Sambesi river, which falls down into a small gorge over 1700 meters producing a huge rain curtain.

Flight to Johannesburg

Sambesi river in the evening
A tree called Baobab
Victoria Falls rain curtain Victoria Falls