Astrophotography with small telescopes

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Technical Pan 2415

The only film black-white film to use in astrophotography is Kodak's Technical Pan 2415.
The TP 2415 is sensitive from blue to red. Most gas nebula shine in the red H-alpha line and TP2415 has its most sensitivity excactly at H-alpha.
TP 2415 is a very low sensitive film, normally used to take pictures of documents. It has a very good resolution and it can be developed either very contrasty and hard or with lower contrast and not that hard.
So it can be used for deep-sky objects as well as for the moon or the planets. BUT, if you want to use it for deep-sky photography, the TP 2415 must be hypered and you must develop it by yourself.
Many amateurs hyper their films by its own. They use the so called Forming gas, a mixture of about 10% of hydrogen and 90% nitrogen.
I prefer pure hydrogen which has some advantages instead of the Forming gas but it is very explosive. But if you pay some attention to some rules it isn't more dangerous than using Forming gas.

Development of hypered TP 2415 for deep-sky photography:

I use Dokumol (Tetenal) developer and develop TP 2415 for 7 minutes at 20 °C.
The developer is mixed 1 : 9.

If you don't get Dokumol then use Kodak's D-19 to develop it.