A Look at a 14-inch Schmidt Camera

Only a handfull of the 14-inch Schmidt cameras were built by Celestron in the 1970's. In the hands of experienced astrophotographers such as Hans Vehrenberg and Ben Mayer, these instruments produced wonderful images. However, the large camera proved difficult to maintain and was discontinued. Used 14-inch Schmidts show up from time to time, and thusly Fernando Paniagua from Spain aquired an old 14-inch Schmidt and mounted it in his well-equipped personal observatory. Fernando shares the following images with us.

Fernando's 14-inch Schmidt is installed on a German equatorial mounting in his roll-off roof observatory. A tangent arm-mounted modern Celestron 5 equipped with a 2x Barlow serves and the 14-inch Schmidt's guide scope.

A look through the film loading door reveals the film holder magnet assembly for the 14-inch is essentially the same as that of the 5- and 8-inch Schmidt cameras The spider assembly is necessarily larger in scale because of the larger tube diameter.

One advantage enjoyed by the 14-inch Schmidt is the optional use of 120 format film, producing a wider field of view than the 35 mm film used in the 5- and 8-inch cameras. A look at the back of the 120 format film holder shows it used the same mounting index hole pattern and the 35 mm film holder.

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