Astrophotography with small telescopes

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Thank you for visiting my homepage. This page is dedicated to all astronomers with small telescopes. I try to show what's possible with a small telescope without using much image processing. Comments are welcome by Email. Send it to Email (email program necessary)

26.11.2018 Book: Image Processing for Comets, updated 3rd. Edition new

13.01.2018 Project Comet Observers and Observers map

05.06.2018 New pages to my observations of Eclipses, Novae, Supernovae, NEO's (Near Earth Objects) and older images taken with my Schmidtcamera

05.07.2020 Guide to Schmidtcameras

20.07.2020 Tribute to Hale-Bopp

15.02.2021 NGC 133 + NGC 146, Sky near 23h53 and +63d22m

06.03.2021 NEO 99942 Apophis, NEO 1999 RM45 and a image of C/2021 A2 NEOWISE

10.03.2021 Comet 156P/Russell-LINEAR, 141P/Machholz, 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann, C/2020 N1 PANSTARRS and C/2021 A4 NEOWISE taken on March 6th.

31.03.2021 all images of Nova Cas 2021.

10.04.2021 Comet C/2021 D1 SWAN, Comet C/2020 T2 Palomar und Comet 409P/LONEOS-Hill taken on 04.04.2021.

11.04.2021 Project Comet Observers and Observers map updated. Now with Openstreetmap and Leaflet

14.05.2021 Nova Cas 2021 brightened to 5,7 mag.

05.06.2021 Nova Cas 2021 at 7,4 mag.

10.06.2021 partial Solar Eclipse 2021

12.06.2021 Amateur comet discoverers updated
Latest image - Object: Solar Eclipse 2021